Why I love The Travel Industry

I fell in love with the travel business in 1994 after being recruited into it by one of my oldest friends and industry colleague, Craig Barnby. Who could have known that when he convinced me to apply at the Hyatt Reservations Center in Omaha, that decision would shape the next three plus (and counting) decades of my life.

Since then, I’ve been fortunate to be a part of many industry landscape defining companies and projects, travel the world, develop long-term friendships with people around the globe, and have life changing experiences in places that I never dreamed I would set foot in, let alone befriend people and do business.

It is because of those connections and experiences that I remain fully dedicated to the industry and the people that helped create a life for me that I appreciate more with each passing day. I share this to underscore the importance of the full recovery of the travel business and what it means to millions of people just like me.

It is my hope that with the rollout of the COVID vaccines, our darkest days will soon be behind us and that we can get back to making the world a better place through the facilitation of global connections and commerce, our innovative hospitality-oriented spirit, and by creating new and more pathways into this amazing industry whether it be in a call center, at a property, as a travel advisor, or in travel technology.

If this resonates with you, feel free to share your story. Be safe, be well, and Happy Holidays to you all. That is all. Carry on!