About Us

“Rebels are the people who refuse the seen for the unseen.” – Anne Douglas Sedgwick

What We Do

REBEL Travel Corporation is a global integrated marketing and technology company providing breakthrough solutions for clients, including hotels, restaurants, startups, technology companies, agencies, and major brands across the globe.



Innovative Hospitality Solutions

HotelPORT® provides marketing, distribution, and technology solutions for hospitality and travel companies worldwide. With its signature solutions suite, PropertyVIEW®, HotelPORT® is helping hotels and restaurants gain a more holistic view of their online presence through proactive content audits, competitive content analysis, and demand generation.

REBEL Analytics

Be Better Informed. Make Better Decisions.

REBEL Analytics is evolving the performance marketing model by going deeper than clicks and impressions. REBEL Analytics is a full-service performance marketing agency focused on helping businesses and agencies increase conversion through performance marketing audits, AI, and superior predictive analytics.


REBEL Entertainment Group

One Relationship. Unlimited Opportunity.

REBEL Entertainment Group provides event and entertainment solutions for brand partners, casinos, and resorts worldwide. Whether it’s hosting a celebrity photo shoot for a global magazine brand, booking your favorite celebrity or athlete for an event, or the development of reality television or feature film projects, REBEL can help.

What can REBEL do for you?

Think Differently About Innovation

From transforming the online hotel merchant model in the early 2000s to the automation of online group bookings today, REBEL and its strategic partner network of best in class technology, marketing, and solutions providers do big things for our big thinking clients.

Whether you’re one hotel or a chain, a travel technology startup or Fortune 500 company, REBEL can help. Find out what we can do for you today.

"No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking." - Voltaire

We create and deploy solutions that solve the daily challenges faced by our clients.

Innovative Marketing, Technology, and Entertainment Industry Veterans

The REBEL Team

Fred Bean

Executive Chairman & CEO

As the Executive Chairman and CEO of the REBEL Travel Corporation portfolio of companies, Fred L. Bean has more than 20 years of experience in hospitality technology, travel distribution, digital marketing, and events and entertainment. Prior to founding REBEL in 2006, Fred served as Vice President of Hotel Sales & Account Management for Cendant Travel Distribution Services with direct responsibility for the management of the merchant model hotel programs of Cendant brands including Orbitz, CheapTickets, Lodging.com, Neat Group, GTA and Galileo WebHotels.

Before Cendant, Fred worked for Travelweb LLC as Vice President of Hotel Relations. In this role, he helped Travelweb to contract the largest hotel distribution database of its time and at a record pace by contracting more than 15,000 hotels in less than two years.

Fred has also worked at Travelocity.com where he was Senior Manager for the Merchant Model Vacations Technology and call center operations. Prior to Travelocity.com, he spent six years in the hospitality technology and online distribution industry with WorldRes.com, Sabre, and Hyatt Hotels, holding positions in reservation sales, customer service, call center management, operations, account management, product management, systems development, and sales engineering.
Ken Clay

President, REBEL Analytics

An Entrepreneur at heart, Ken Clay has made a career out of actualizing his passions and visions. With an extensive professional network that ranges from executives of fortune 500 companies to professional athletes, Ken has quickly established himself as an upcoming business leader through various industries.

As President of REBEL Analytics, REBEL Travel Corporation's Performance Marketing Division, Ken oversees all of our day-to-day operations, contract negotiations, client relations, brand management and developmental efforts. An Entrepreneur at heart Ken’s track record for developing businesses and cultivating deep, meaningful relationships with clients continue to be at the forefront of REBEL Analytics' agenda.
Mark Hoffmann

CTO, REBEL Analytics

From building next generation algorithms to one of a kind visualizations, Mark lives and breathes everything data and technology. Getting his start in nuclear physics and software engineering, he moved into the data world with a Masters of Analytics from NC State. Mark has spent time as a data scientist driving actionable insights for a number of organizations spanning government intelligence, human capital, logistics, and marketing. His unique combination of business acumen and technological prowess provides clients with high value and repeatable results.

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